Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service bought a Josam Cam-aligner kit over a year ago, we caught up with them for review of the kit, here’s what they had to say.

We initially made the enquiry with AES UK Ltd to take a look at the Josam Laser AM kit as we knew this was the industry standard equipment and what the mobile guys used.

We were getting our alignment done on an ad-hoc basis by an outside contractor who was very good, we wanted to expand and do all our fleet (cars, vans, fire-engines) regularly using our own technicians – in particular we were looking at the savings we would make not necessarily on fuel but on tyre wear.

When we arranged the demonstration – I saw the Josam Laser AM system and the Josam Cam-aligner side-by-side, I was surprised how much quicker and easier the camera was particularly the rolling method of measuring meaning there was no need to jack the vehicle.  

Shortly after the demo, we took decision to purchase the Josam Cam-aligner from AES UK Ltd – the time saving and ease-of-use was the main reason for going for the Josam Cam-aligner over the laser.

We’ve had the cam-aligner for a year and a half, the ease-of-use means that all our technicians who were trained initially can confidently measure and adjust vehicles without taking hours to figure it out.

The speed of the Cam-aligner means the team now measure and make adjustments on all our fleet every 12 months, all our jobs are then printed out (before & after) and saved with the job packets for individual fleet numbers so we can monitor each vehicle overtime.

We’ve been monitoring our fleet over the last year and a half and we’ve seen a reduction in our overall tyre and fuel costs which makes our purchase a good investment.

Adam Fowles – Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service

View the Josam Cam-aligner kit video below or contact us for more information.