Go Ahead London Accident Repair Centre service bought a Josam JH1000 Heat Inductor over a year ago, we asked them how they were getting on with the kit.

We purchased the Josam JH1000 as we do a lot of heating of chassis and body parts when repairing vehicles that have been involved in accidents, with air pipes and electrical wiring running close to areas you need to heat and straighten, if using a flame to heat the area, there is a high chance of damage to them, so with using an induction heater the risk is greatly reduced.

The unit is electrical but it does not affect the electrical systems of the vehicle so no disconnection of vehicle modules is needed.

The equipment is easy to use, easy to maintain and training and support if issues arise has been excellent.

I have already told others of how good it is, and how much time the equipment has saved us, as well as the safety side of not having to use a flame in the workshop.

To be honest it’s been the best piece of equipment we have purchased in many years.

David Frost – Go Ahead London Accident Repair Centre

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