Josam Wheel Adaptor Clamps for Aluminium Wheels

AES UK bring 3 solutions to the UK market for new and existing users who align vehicles with aluminium rims, all with scratch-free easy connection to ensure the adaptors don’t dislodge or move during the alignment process.

Josam Magnetic Wheel Adaptors

Our quickest Josam wheel adaptors, these magnetic adaptors can be used with the Josam laser AM, Cam-aligner and I-track I & II. The adaptors can be changed to suit most stud patters on commercial vehicles and are best suited to truck or bus only workshops.

Josam LCV Add-on Plates

An extension to existing AM wheel clamps, these plates attach to the existing plate and provide a solution for vans, 4x4s and cars with aluminium rims.

Josam Aluminium Hooks for Spider Wheel Adaptors

The latest addition to the family is our gripping hooks for the spider wheel adaptors. Your Josam/Truckcam spider wheel adaptors and can upgraded to cater for scratch-free aluminium rim connection using our screw-in gripping hooks

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