A year after Kevin bought the Josam Cam-aligner upgrade kit we caught up with him for an honest review of his purchase, here’s what Kev had to say.

With 20 years’ experience as a mobile commercial vehicle aligner, I started mobile alignment using the Josam Laser AM system and have been using the equipment for more than 18 years – the equipment is robust and has stood the test of time, it’s a great first product for mobile aligners.

I saw a video of the cam-aligner and asked Russ (AES UK Ltd) to give me a demo. I could see immediately how much time I could save with the system in particularly the rolling method of measuring meaning no jacking of the axles is required.

I could utilise all my existing laser equipment such as wheel clamps, turnplates and frame gauges. All that I needed was a laptop for the software.

Shortly after the demo, I took the decision to purchase (through finance) the Josam Cam-aligner from AES UK Ltd last year, the low weekly payments and the tax relief made sense for my business.

I’ve had over a year’s hands-on-experience using the cam-aligner. The time-savings with the rolling method has allowed me to double my output on a daily basis compared to the laser system particularly on twin-steered vehicles. The ease-of-use and accuracy of the Cam-aligner allows me to make adjustments with precision, and demonstrate to my customers with before and after print-outs.

I would recommend to anyone that has the Josam Laser system that they should consider the Cam-aligner upgrade kit, the time-saving alone made for a quick return on investment for business.

Kevin Down – K Down Wheel Alignment, Paignton

View the upgrade kit video below or contact us for more information.