Vehicle repairer puts wheel alignment into focus for extended tyre life

Chassis & Cab Specialists Limited, based in Leigh, Greater Manchester upgraded their chassis and wheel alignment equipment two years ago and say the investment has easily paid for itself, while many of their commercial vehicle customers are seeing improved tyre life.

Described as one of the North-West’s Leader in Chassis and Cab Straightening, the company first took delivery of a laser-controlled Josam wheel alignment system from Josam many years ago. In 2016 they upgraded to the Cam-aligner system which, using Josam camera technology, enables greater accuracy, faster diagnostics and greater detail for customer reports.

Chassis and Cab Director, Alex Adshead explains:

“For several years we have relied on the Josam laser system for wheel alignment and chassis straightening and since adding the camera-based technology we have seen significant time savings, carry out faster alignments and now can give each customer a handy ‘before and after’ print-out, to clearly demonstrate how the rectification process has worked.”

“Furthermore” says Alex, “the Josam wheel alignment system is saving customers on tyre expenditure and the typical downtime costs incurred when changing a tyre.”

“Our customers are delighted with the end-results” adds Alex, “and of course, there is also a bearing on compliance because mis-aligned wheels can soon render a set of tyres illegal.

Now in their 25th year, Chassis & Cab Specialists Limited provide a diagnostics and repair service for all makes of 4×4, rigids, tractor units and trailers. The firm also specialise in overhaul and repair of refuse collection and waste management vehicles.

“We use the Cam-aligner system on a daily basis and the cameras have taken the service to a higher level” concludes Alex, “and as such, our investment has more than paid for itself. The system is easy to use, robust and reliable but if we do need any help, AES UK Ltd provide a fast and efficient back-up and support service.”