Successful Training Day at Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue

AES UK Ltd successfully delivering another training session on the Josam Cam-aligner at Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue’s service workshop. The technical training covered a range of vehicles and various measurement/adjustment techniques […]

Richmonds Coaches – Laser AM Installation

Another Laser AM installation and a productive training session for Richmond’s Coaches last week. Training carried out on tri-axle with rear steer and successfully aligned for fuel efficiency and tyre wear. […]

8×4 Twin-steer Wheel Alignment Measurement Report

We recently measured an 8×4 Twin-steer, the results of which were shocking. We can’t quite believe that operators are allowing trucks to be in use with this much misalignment.   […]

Josam Steering Wheel Lock Offer

AES UK are, for a limited time only, offering the Josam Steering Wheel Lock at a reduced rate of £199.99 +VAT. The Josam Steering Wheel Lock allows the steering wheel […]

State of the art installation of JOSAM i-track

A state of the art installation of JOSAM i-track for an Italian Josam customer Tansini Gomme. TheJOSAM i-track workplace is situated in a specially dedicated building exclusively for trucks, trailers […]

KD Wheel Alignment Take a Step Forward with the Laser Upgrade Kit

With over 12 years in the mobile wheel alignment business and working with the Josam Laser AM system, KD Wheel Alignment have recently taken a step forward investing in the Cam-aligner […]

BYD invest in the Josam Cam-aligner for their electric buses

BYD, who supply electric buses to Go Ahead London, have recently invested in the Josam Cam-aligner wheel alignment system to ensure their long range, 0 emission bus network is running […]

JOSAM cam-aligner granted full homologation for Mercedes Benz Truck, Bus & Van

AES UK LTD is proud to announce that Josam has today (02/10/17) been granted full homologation for Mercedes Benz Truck, Bus & Van. The Cam-aligner was formally approved as the […]

Cab bench adapter set for Scania RS20

A new adapter set for JOSAM cab bench is available. With this set, the Scania RS20 Normal and Highline cabs can be mounted on the cab bench. See product sheet 09:01 for more information.

Large cabinet for JOSAM cam-aligner introduced

An additional and larger cabinet for storing JOSAM cam-aligner equipment has now been released. Also introduced is a new accessory for hanging Spider wheel adapters on the cabinet. These wheel […]