Induction heating for seized parts

If you work on cars, trucks, machines you’re likely to run into seized nuts and bolts. Getting them free usually involves penetrating oil and muscle in some instances oxy-acetylene . We have a range of solutions to assist with sezied parts by using heat in a much more controlled manner than oxy-acetylene.

Heat works well by expanding the metal, helping it to break free but oxy-acetylene can be dangerous and perishables around the area heated can be damaged.

An example above, seized wheel nuts can be tricky to access, we have a range of tips and coils which allow for direct and concentrated heating to expand the wheel nut to help break and release it.

Having the correct equipment is one thing, knowing how to correctly apply the heat is another. We have over 15 year’s experience using induction heaters meaning we can deliver the best advice and tips for particular applications.

As above, our AES HI 3.5 being used to release a seized caliper glide pin. Heating the casing expands the steel allowing the pin to be released easier.

In the example above, we have a seized brake bleed nipple, again heating the casing expands the steel allowing easy loosening.

A sized exhaust bracket bolt was heated in the example above to help remove it.

Can a heat inductor loosen bolts?
A heat inductor can’t loosen it directly but it can expand the steel to help loosen it more easily.

How hot can induction heating get?
Our heat inductors can heat up to 700°C which means the properties of the steel aren’t weakened in any way.

Our range of heat inductors can be found here:

The inductor shown in the videos above is the AES HI 3.5 shown below;