BYD invest in the Josam Cam-aligner for their electric buses

BYD, who supply electric buses to Go Ahead London, have recently invested in the Josam Cam-aligner wheel alignment system to ensure their long range, 0 emission bus network is running […]

JOSAM cam-aligner granted full homologation for Mercedes Benz Truck, Bus & Van

AES UK LTD is proud to announce that Josam has today (02/10/17) been granted full homologation for Mercedes Benz Truck, Bus & Van. The Cam-aligner was formally approved as the […]

Cab bench adapter set for Scania RS20

A new adapter set for JOSAM cab bench is available. With this set, the Scania RS20 Normal and Highline cabs can be mounted on the cab bench. See product sheet 09:01 for more information.

Large cabinet for JOSAM cam-aligner introduced

An additional and larger cabinet for storing JOSAM cam-aligner equipment has now been released. Also introduced is a new accessory for hanging Spider wheel adapters on the cabinet. These wheel […]

New measuring head for JOSAM i-track

A new measuring head for the JOSAM i-track wheel alignment system is now available! This new model has a multitude of benefits for the user. Better ergonomics, thanks to its […]